What strains are best for medical marijuana

What strains are best for medical marijuana

Medical marijuana comes in many different varieties, with many different breeders trying to find the perfect strain of cannabis. The reason why these different varieties exist is that many of medicinal properties of cannabis rely on the right combination of the different active ingredients in cannabis, such as THC or CBD. Some medical problems are best treated by a strain high in CBD, whereas other conditions call for the right combination of THC and CBD. Through conventional breeding and selecting methods growers are capable of producing different varieties with different properties. We tell you about some of the most popular varieties and how you can use them to get the effect you desire.

Charlotte’s Web

One of the best known strains of medical marijuana is Charlotte’s Web, a strain named after a young girl called Charlotte Figi. She suffered from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome, which caused hundreds of attacks per month. With this special strain of medical marijuana, which is high in CBD and very low in THC, these attacks were reduced from hundreds per month to just one or two, a drastic improvement for this young girl. Nowadays Charlotte’s Web is not only used for treating epilepsy, but for any patient that does not need the effect of THC. The biggest reason to choose Charlotte’s Web is the fact that it comes with almost zero psychoactive effects because of its low THC content, making it ideal for everyday usage.

A popular THC variety: Girl Scout Cookies

If you are however looking for a strain high in THC then GSC, which stands for Girl Scout Cookies, might be right for you. This features a THC content of up to 24% and is thus perfect for anyone who needs a really strong variety of cannabis. GSC has been used to treat chronic pains and migraines, due to its high THC content. Do however note that due to this high THC content you will feel a very strong psychoactive effect, so this might not be for everyone. Combined with this ‘high’ does however come a very potent pain mitigation.

One to One

A very middle of the road variety is the strain One to One, which features a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This makes it perfect for a very wide variety of medical conditions, such as treating muscle spasticity and many other medical problems. It is also perfect for first time usage, because of the lower THC content, which makes it easy to use if you are just starting out. It is also perfect for battling depression, because of the combination of THC and CBD, which makes it perfect as a daytime drug. You will feel very relaxed and slightly sedated, but not so much that you feel sleepy.


For those who respond better to CBD than to THC there is the Harlequin variety, which comes with a 5:2 ratio of CBD to THC. This ensures that de psychoactive effect is as low as possible, while still retaining many of the medical properties of both THC and CBD. Users describe this variety as ‘inspiring an easy, upbeat kind of mood’, indicating that is perfect for all those who are looking for both the relaxing properties of marijuana as well as those who need the pain treatment. It is also an easier way to start than something like One to One, which some might find overwhelming on the first try.

Choose what is right for you

There are a thousand more varieties to choose from, but the ones listed above are a great starting point. They offer the things most patients are looking for and they make sure that you start slowly and easily. You can of course always switch to a strain that is higher in THC if you think you need a bit more of a high, but we really recommend starting out slowly and working your way up. With a little more experience under your belt you will be able to determine what is right for you and you will soon find the perfect variety for you.