Medical marijuana for pain management

Most patients that are using medical marijuana for pain management are suffering from chronic pain in one form or another. Medical marijuana might be the perfect answer, with many patients reporting very excellent results in terms of reducing chronic pain, with little to no undesirable side effects. Many of the conventional pain killers that are used to treat chronic pain come with their own set of side effects and problems, such as susceptibility to addiction and hindering your daily life. Medical marijuana could potentially circumvent these problems and offer an excellent solution for patients with chronic pains.

What is chronic pain?

Firstly we need to ask the question: what is chronic pain? Simply put, chronic pain is pain that persists beyond the usual length scale that you would expect from a disease or healing of an injury and instead is related to some chronic process that is going on in your body. The actual cause of chronic pain can be anything and in some cases might actually not be known, but typical for chronic pain is that it can last a very long time. It is also a pain that strikes you in your everyday life, from unbuttoning a shirt to just sitting down: chronic pain is always there. Sometimes it is related directly to a disease such as cancer or arthritis and so it is possible that it could go away when these diseases are healed. In other cases the chronic pain will stay and thus needs to be treated in a sustainable way that preferably does not hinder you in your daily life. Chronic pain can also have a very real impact on your emotional state. Being in a constant state of pain will take its toll on you and many patients suffer both psychologically and physically from the pain. Other effects of chronic pain can be exhaustion from lack of sleep and physical discomfort. Many patients with chronic pain also report not being able to hold their jobs and thus feeling a sense of uselessness, because all they can do is sit around in pain. Chronic pain is a very real problem for thousands of persons and medical marijuana might just be the answer to their problems..

Different kind of treatments

Right now there are several actual treatments for different kind of chronic pains, which include electrical stimulation, medications, nerve blocks and surgery. For most patients however the only real option is long-term use of pain relievers, such as NSAIDs, acetaminophen and opioids. These can have a very negative impacts on your health and hinder you, while offering minimal pain relief or being highly addictive. This is where medical marijuana really shines. It offers very real pain relief without not begin physically addictive, a rare combination. It is also impossible to overdose on marijuana, a very real danger with opioids. In 2014 nearly 30 000 people died from opioid overdose, which is largely attributed to the addictive power of opioids, causing patients to consume increasingly more, with fatal consequences. Medical marijuana can still offer the pain relief that opioids are known for, without the traditional side effects. Patients also get less depended on medical marijuana. In order to determine if medical marijuana is the right solution for you we recommend you to talk to your doctor. He or she knows your situation and can recommend the right solution, whether that is medical marijuana or something else. There are also an increasing number of studies that show that medical marijuana is an excellent way to treat chronic pain and support for medical marijuana within the medical community is growing. Your doctor will most likely be aware of these developments and will be able to work with you to find the solution that best fits your situation.