Medical marijuana for back pain

One of the areas where medical marijuana could be most potent is in the treatment of back pain. This pain is usually chronic and has a significant effect on the quality of life of the patients, with common remedies like conventional pain killers functioning as a very crude treatment. Medical marijuana could solve many of the discomforts that those suffering from back pain experience. It functions not only as a painkiller, but also as a relaxing agent and can thus be an excellent all-in-one solution. And the great thing is that by choosing the right marijuana strain a certain set of properties can be chosen, so that the treatment is tailored to the patient.

What back pain do you have?

When talking about back pain we usually distinguish between three major categories: axial, referred and radicular pain. Axial pain, also called mechanical pain, can be a sharp or dull pain and is mostly caused by muscle strain. Referred pain is very dull and achy and moves around the body, such that the area where the pain is felt is not necessarily where the source of the pain is located. Common examples are pain in the hips and thighs when there is a problem like degenerative disc disease in the lower back. Radicular pain, or sciatica as it is more commonly named, is a very deep and intense pain that originates from nerve pathways. Common causes for radicular pain are inflammation, compression or an injury at the root of the spinal nerve.

Treating back pain with medical marijuana

Medical marijuana can be very useful when treating chronic pain, including back pain. Most studies have shown that marijuana can reduce pain levels in patients, with most studies even showing better results than with conventional pain killers. The best strains to help combat chronic pain are those high in THC, which is the ingredient in marijuana that, amongst other things, is responsible for the psychoactive effect. There are however signs that strains that are high in CBD could also be useful, since CBD can be very helpful in reducing inflammation. If your back pain is caused by inflammation strains high in CBD could be the answer for you. It is of course always possible to choose a strain that is both high in CBD and THC, a combination that is starting to become more popular for medical usages. The right strain does however depend on the patient and the specific pain he or she is experiencing, so do not hesitate to try out different strains in order to find the one most suitable for you.

Is medical marijuana right for you?

Many patients have switched to using medical marijuana as a long term pain treatment for chronic back pain. Many patients who suffer from chronic back pain are in constant pain and are unable to perform certain daily tasks, such as sitting down or going to work. Medical marijuana can help relieve this pain and manage it better. It will of course never take away the pain completely, but it can be very effective. Some patients in fact discard their conventional medicines completely and rely on medical marijuana to give them the pain relief they need. You mileage will of course vary and we highly recommend checking in with your doctor before using medical marijuana to treat your back pain. Together with your doctor you can look at what causes your back pain and how this can be best combatted. Doctors are starting to gain more experience in using medical marijuana, so do not be afraid to ask your doctor for advice. When you start out we recommend you start out easy and pick a strain that is not particularly high in THC or CBD, and start with a low dosage. This way you can see for yourself if medical marijuana is the solution for your back pain and what you respond to.