Medical marijuana for cancer

Cancer is an incredibly gruesome disease. Not only does the condition itself take its toll on the patient, the treatments themselves are also very tiring. For this reason many patients look for ways to relieve the pain, which is not only coming from the cancer itself, but also from the treatments. Some patients report that using medical marijuana has made their condition much more bearable and there even some very early signs that medical marijuana could be a cancer treating drug.

Why use medical marijuana in order to treat cancer?

There are two arguments to be made when considering medical marijuana in order to treat cancer. Firstly there is the effect marijuana can have in terms of pain treatment and relief, making the overall treatment of the cancer easier to stomach. Secondly there is also the claim that cannabis might have certain properties that allow it to actually cure cancer. These claims are however very dubious and there is very little to no evidence that they are true.

There are some signs that certain parts of marijuana could be used for a cancer treatment, but this research is still very young and no useful medicine has yet been produced. We advise to proceed with caution when treating cancer with marijuana and to always talk to your doctor first. Right now there is not really any proven treatment for cancer using marijuana and so it very unlikely that your doctor will allow you to use marijuana in order to treat cancer. When talking about experimental research there are however some signs that are pointing in the right direction. Do note that we are talking about research that is still in its very early stages and has not yet produced meaningful treatment results. These studies show that THC and CBD, the major chemical ingredients of cannabis, kill cancer in laboratory conditions, without harming nearby healthy cells. Even though this result is optimistic other studies also indicate that this might heavily depend on the kind of cancer that is being treated. In order to better understand this more studies and placebo-controlled clinical trials are needed and a FDA approved drug or even drug trial is still a long way off.

Pain relief

Using it for pain relief is however a completely different story and has real potential, with in fact many cancer patients already enjoying the effects of medical marijuana. The most prominent and well-known use case is during chemotherapy. One of worst side effects of chemotherapy is the nausea it induces, which can be treated successfully with medical marijuana. Besides treating nausea medical marijuana has also been known to effectively combat other cancer-related pain, making it a great addition for patients who are currently being treated. It is however pretty hard to find information that tells you how to proceed with medical marijuana when you are currently being treated with cancer.

Many oncologists simply do not know enough about treatments with medical marijuana in order to help you with selecting the right way of using medical marijuana, so it is best to visit an expert who has experience with both cancer and medical marijuana. The most common recommendation will be the usage of a vaping device, which is easy to use and can bring relief in minutes. Edibles are also a simple option, but you will not feel their effect immediately, but only after an hour. This makes edibles an excellent solution for those suffering from vomiting attacks due to chemotherapy, because you just take an edible right before you go to bed and have a good night of sleep. Depending on your cancer and your symptoms different solution based on medical marijuana exist and choosing the right solution is something your doctor will need to do for you. Always consult him or her first before deciding to try out medical marijuana and keep your doctor in the loop, so as to not hinder your cancer treatment.