Medical marijuana for chronic pain

Medical marijuana is one of the best remedies for treating chronic pain. The relaxing properties often associated with marijuana are not only psychoactive, but also actively treat pain. And because marijuana is very well suited for long term usage when used responsibly, it can be a solution for many patients of chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a very real problem

In the United States alone approximately 100 million Americans suffer from a combination of acute and chronic pain. This pain can manifest itself in many ways, ranging from a continuous pain that is with you every minute of your life to pain that comes and go in waves. Many people suffer from this in their daily lives and are hindered by it. Even though the pain might not rate so high on a pain scale, it can still impact every aspect of your life. The simplest of activities, such as buttoning your shirt, becomes a struggle. The pain can take a heavy toll on your life, also impacting you in other ways, for example emotionally. The pain starts to control your life and often conventional drugs are not able to control your pain. Heavy painkillers such as opioids are sometimes able to offer some relieve, but are very sparsely prescribed by doctors. They can be incredibly addictive and there is a very real danger of overdosing on opioids, so doctors prefer to not prescribe opioids for long term usage. Other painkillers such as NSAIDs are not as effective or come with unpleasant side effects. There is not really a good solution in terms of conventional painkillers for patients with chronic pain, and this is where medical marijuana comes in.

Why use medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana acts as a pain reliever and is not physically addictive, so patients are safe to use it every day. It is also impossible to overdose on non-synthetic marijuana, while this is a very real danger for opioids users, with about 20 000 people dying of opioid abuse every year. All these qualities make medical marijuana an excellent long term usage painkiller, but what about the actual pain relief that medical marijuana offers? There have been many studies looking at this, with almost all of them coming out in favor of medical marijuana as a serious alternative for pain treatment. This is of course no surprise to those who have tried medical marijuana and have felt the strong soothing effects marijuana can have. There is little to no medical dispute over the fact that marijuana treats pain, but the question still remains if it is a safe and effective treatment.

Some studies have expressed concerns over using medical marijuana for longer periods of time, but these concerns are often small and insignificant, especially when comparing them to the side-effects that come with regular pain-killers and the discomfort untreated chronic pain brings. Here it is important to note that extensive studies into the long-term effects of using medical marijuana for longer periods of time are seriously lacking and more research is certainly ongoing.

There are certainly some drawbacks to using medical marijuana, but what these exactly are is yet unknown. If you are suffering from chronic pain and are wondering if medical marijuana is the right solution for you then you should talk to your doctor about a possible treatment. He or she will most likely be aware of the medical consequences of using medical marijuana and can help you select a treatment that is best suited for your situation. There are also many other variables to consider, such as the level of pain you are in and how much of the psychoactive effect of marijuana you like. With this information you can select the right strain of marijuana that has the right properties, so you too can enjoy the pain relief that thousands of patients who use medical marijuana daily feel right now.